Martin Stern Jr: The Architectural Maestro and The Mirage’s Journey into the Heart of Las Vegas Glamour

The Mirage, synonymous with the allure of Las Vegas, proudly acknowledges its deep-rooted connection with Martin Stern Jr., the mastermind behind its iconic architecture. As decades roll on, this association stands as a testimony to the legacy of Stern and the timeless charm of The Mirage.

With an illustrious career that saw the rise of the Las Vegas skyline, Martin Stern Jr. is fondly remembered as the “father of the mega-resort”. His architectural genius has given birth to several of Las Vegas’ iconic structures, each narrating tales of grandeur and elegance. Stern’s ability to fuse functionality with unbridled luxury resulted in edifices that became symbols of aspiration and wonder.

The Mirage, under Stern’s architectural gaze, was transformed into an oasis in the heart of the desert. Its iconic volcano, the lush atrium, and the grandeur of its façade are all products of Stern’s visionary approach.

“The Mirage was more than a project; it was a dream brought to life,” the late Martin Stern Jr. had expressed. “Every arch, every pillar, every water feature was envisioned to transport guests into a world of luxury and fantasy.”

The Mirage continues to celebrate Stern’s legacy, ensuring that every guest experiences the magic he envisioned. His architectural brilliance is evident in every corner of the resort, reminding visitors of a time when Stern’s designs redefined the Las Vegas Strip.

“Martin Stern Jr.’s architectural genius is the foundation of The Mirage,” said Jim Murren, CEO of MGM Resorts International. “His vision shaped not just our resort but the very essence of modern Las Vegas. His legacy is etched in stone and in the hearts of all who experience The Mirage.”

About Martin Stern Jr.: Often hailed as the architect who shaped modern Las Vegas, Martin Stern Jr.’s creations stand as a testament to his vision and passion. With several iconic structures to his name, Stern’s legacy is an indelible part of the Las Vegas skyline, reminding all of the golden era of architectural brilliance.